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Crystal Petroleum offers a range of services including oil and petroleum products storage, domestic and international distribution via road tankers and vessels, import and export of oil and petroleum products, petroleum products blending, and lubricant products blending and storage.

Crystal Petroleum is headquartered in Hamriyah Free zone Phase1, Sharjah. We serve a global market, providing services across UAE , MENA, and other regions.

You can contact us through our website's contact form, by emailing info@crystal-petroleum.com, or by calling +971 65 77 99 88 . Our customer service team is available to assist you with inquiries and project discussions.

We have state-of-the-art storage facilities equipped with temperature control systems and advanced safety measures to ensure the safe and efficient storage of various oil and petroleum products.

Our storage facilities are designed with advanced safety protocols, including real-time monitoring systems and strict adherence to industry safety standards, to prevent accidents and ensure the integrity of stored products.

We utilize a fleet of road tankers to efficiently distribute petroleum products across the country, ensuring timely and safe delivery to our customers.

Yes, we offer international distribution services via vessels, ensuring that our petroleum products reach global markets safely and efficiently.

We adhere to strict safety and regulatory standards during transportation. Our road tankers and vessels are maintained regularly, and our logistics team is trained to handle petroleum products safely.

We import and export a wide range of petroleum products, including crude oil, refined fuels, and specialty products such as lubricants and additives.

We serve a global market, importing and exporting petroleum products to and from various regions including North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

We comply with all relevant international regulations and standards for the import and export of petroleum products. Our team stays updated with regulatory changes to ensure seamless operations.

Petroleum products blending is the process of mixing different hydrocarbons and additives to create customized fuel solutions that meet specific performance standards and regulatory requirements.

We offer various blended products, including gasoline blends (regular, mid-grade, premium, and ethanol blends), diesel blends (ULSD and biodiesel blends), aviation fuels, marine fuels, and industrial lubricants.

Our advanced automated blending systems and rigorous quality control measures ensure that each batch meets the highest standards of consistency, reliability, and performance.

We produce automotive engine oils, industrial engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, turbine oils, and various specialty greases.

We use high-quality base oils and additives, and our advanced blending systems ensure precise measurement and mixing. Our formulations are customized to meet specific performance requirements and industry standards.

Our storage facilities are equipped with temperature control and safety systems to maintain the integrity of lubricant products. We also have efficient inventory management to ensure timely availability.

We employ a robust project management framework to ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. Our project managers oversee all aspects of the project, from planning to execution and delivery.

Our quality assurance process includes rigorous testing and monitoring at every stage of production and distribution. We adhere to industry standards and continuously improve our processes to maintain product excellence.

We are committed to sustainable practices across all our operations. This includes reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, investing in renewable energy projects, and developing environmentally friendly products.

We are continuously investing in research and development to innovate in areas such as advanced extraction techniques, cleaner refining processes, and the integration of renewable energy sources. Our goal is to lead the industry in sustainable and efficient petroleum solutions.