Quality Policy

Our company is committed to continual improvements in the field of sustainable energy by improving processes, products, services and systems.
We intend to achieve the quality policy by:

  • Clearly defining quality objectives, processes and systems that are continually improved to exceed organizational and customer needs and expectations.
  • Development of the human resources through training and empowerment.
  • Continually improving our products and services.
  • Compliance to regulatory guidance and applicable standards and codes.
  • Earning a reasonable return for our efforts, thus allowing the company to prosper and grow as a business to ensure continued service to customer.
  • To be a company who progressively finds new and simple solutions to the complex processes.
  • To comply with the guidelines of local regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • To constantly strive towards finding innovative ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle waste oils and used lubricants oils.

We shall ensure that this quality policy is communicate to personnel at all levels within the organization. This policy shall be the basis for establishing and reviewing quality objectives at periodic intervals.

Health and Safety Policy

Health and safety is a key management objective. We work towards a goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to identifying, managing, and controlling our impact upon the environment throughout our entire value-chain. Dedicated to the incorporation of sustainable practices across all our operations wherever possible. Supported at board level environmental policies are endorsed and championed throughout the business